Barcelona stars in the world competition

The Spanish League is in the middle of a two week suspension cycle,The vast majority of the members of the Barcelona first line,All the World Cup qualifiers are playing with their respective national teams,They are all doing their best in the final stage of the 2018 Russian World Cup.。The following are the challenges that the Barcelona players are going to face in the World Cup qualifiers。

Barcelona stars in the world competition

It will be carried out in October 10th.、The schedule of the World Cup qualifiers related to the Barcelona players:

Portuguese (Gomes、Semedo):Portuguese vs Switzerland;

France (Umm Titi、D):Vs Belarus, France;

Holland (Silayson):Holland vs Sweden;

Brazil (paorino):Brazil vs Chile;

Uruguay (Lewis - Suarez):Uruguay vs Bolivia;

Argentina (Messi、Mascherano):Ecuador vs Argentina;

1010 months:Samuel Umtiti、Digne took part in the last training course of the French team,Then the home court against Belarus in the Gallic Rooster。

1010 months:As long as Portugal can beat Switzerland at home in the final round of World Cup qualifiers,So Gomes、Semedo will follow the team,The final stage of the direct promotion of the Russian World Cup。

1010 months:Before the French visit to Belarus,Umm Titi has published such a message on the social network:"Our wills unite like a fortress!"

1010 months:The Uruguay national team has released such a message on its official twitter:"Come on.",Let's fight! " In the last round of the World Cup South American qualifiers,Uruguay will meet Bolivia at home。at present,Uruguay ranks high in the second place of the South American scoreboard,Bolivia, in turn, ranked second in the top.,In the game,Can Lewis - Suarez break the door? Oscar - Tavares's team needs only 1 more points,Will be able to enter Russia directly;Only in extreme special circumstances,Uruguay is committed to the play offs across continents。

1010 months:In the last round of the World Cup European qualifier A group,Holland will meet Sweden at home in Amsterdam。The whole process of the tournament in the world cup,The performance of the Holland team is no doubt very disappointing,Then can the team catch the last chance,And the chance to get an additional match in the European area?

1010 months:Samuel Umtiti、Digne will play Belarus with the French team,If you want the Gallic Rooster directly qualify for the World Cup finals in Russia.,Then they have to take 3 points at the French Stadium。In the last round of the game,If the Swedish team got more points than the French team,Then the "Viking" will be at the last moment to overtake the Gallic rooster",And get the first place in the A group in Europe。

1010 months:Can Argentina be killed in the final circle of the Russian World Cup,It will be decided by the final result of the EPI.。The campaign in Argentina will go to Quito away in Ecuador Plateau,The result of the game,Will ultimately determine the final fate of the blue and white Legion。As long as you can beat Ecuador away,So Argentina can at least get an opportunity to cross the continent,They will have a two round of life and death with the first New Zealand in Oceania;A little accident,Sang Baoli's blue and white Legion will be completely free from the World Cup finals in Russia。In the Argentina race to challenge Ecuador,Messi and Mascherano are bound to do their best,Because that's the only way.,The blue and white legions are expected to gain 3 points。Local time this Monday,Argentina carried out their last training course before the game.。




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