Girona - Barcelona:Beijing time at 2:45 on the 24 live

The following is the sixth round of the league's global broadcast guidelines。

Girona - Barcelona:Beijing time at 2:45 on the 24 live

Barcelona will visit to Girona on Saturday,For the first time in history, they met in the Spanish League,Girona had never ascended Spanish。If the campaign to win,Barcelona's opening winning streak will reach 6 games。



美国——洛杉矶(11:45[object Window]、纽约(14:45[object Window]

加拿大——温哥华(11:45[object Window]、多伦多(14:45[object Window]

拉丁美洲——墨西哥城(13:45[object Window]、波哥大(13:45[object Window]、圣地亚哥(14:45[object Window]、布宜诺斯艾利斯(15:45[object Window]

巴西——巴西利亚(15:45[object Window]

英国——伦敦(19:45[object Window]

法国——巴黎(20:45[object Window]

巴塞罗那(20:45[object Window]

非洲——达喀尔(18:45[object Window]、雅温得(19:45[object Window]、开普敦(20:45[object Window]

土耳其——伊斯坦布尔(21:45[object Window]

俄罗斯——莫斯科(21:45[object Window]

中东——多哈(21:45[object Window]


印度——新德里(0:15[object Window]

印度尼西亚——雅加达(1:45[object Window]

中国——北京(2:45[object Window]

日本——东京(3:45[object Window]

澳大利亚——悉尼(4:45[object Window]




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