Barcelona the Great Wall fans Association "good action"",Re start public welfare activities!

I love full of Barcelona the Great Wall started off again! .


The volunteers

This time,Barcelona the Great Wall fans Association "good action"",Held a charity campaign will open up a fresh outlook for Hebei province Laiyuan dongtuanbu Center Primary School。

Next, to show you this is the whole course of public interest documentary。



6At 7 on the evening of 9 th,Barcelona the Great Wall fans Association 's public tour of the big troops drove to Laiyuan County。Arrive at the hotel at 22,Everyone is tired of the journey,Start a group meeting at once; set up second days' tasks。


To a destination


610 September godsend,The wind is mild and the sun is bright,It's a good day for a sports meet。We started off at 6,Drove from the county town, came to the East League Fort Center Primary School。

There were three personal events that morning:Throwing sandbags,Shooting Contest,Triathlon。

Midday depression,The volunteers had lunch with the children at the school cafeteria。


The interaction with the children

Comrades from Barcelona the Great Wall exchanged views with their children about the Games,The children also introduced the basic rules of football and the Barcelona football team。(PS:Passion for football,Take it from childhood

Afternoon is a group event,Each volunteer led 12 children to participate in group activities:Egg relay、Closely linked、Hot Wheels。


A relay race


The volunteers to guide the children to play the game


A graceful、Enchanting Captain

The final event of the Games is the tug of war,The final is the Barcelona fans volunteer team VS kind of good action volunteers team。Although several of the Barcelona fans were injured in the competition,But still slightly injured, not FireWire。


A small outbreak of the universe ing

Finally, the Barcelona fans didn't win the first prize,But in the game of struggle and sweat,Every happy smile on the face of friends and children,They are the most memorable memories of the volunteers。


A hard red whistle:"Sharp dad.""

The games also have a warm little tidbits,During the event, it happened to be Barcelona fans @vivianzhoulin Meng Xi's birthday。The children of her group sang a birthday song at the event,"Meng West teacher" sent his most sincere wishes。


In this event the "longevity"

Thanks to Barcelona the Great Wall fans Association,Thank you for "good deeds"",Thank you for all the silent volunteers,Because you have to pay,The world will be full of love。- Xiao Bian's speech


A collective photo

The sports meet was over with laughter,Volunteers who dragged his exhausted body and set foot on the way back,But for the children to send happiness and joy,All the efforts are worth it。The volunteers of the Barcelona the Great Wall fans Association agree with the teachers and students of the elementary school,See you next year!


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writing:Wit Lee





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