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Please read the following very carefully

2018The annual membership fee is the ladder price!

Barcelona China the Great Wall fan association, as well as members of the fan association welfare, click here
1.Be careful:2018Membership of the year will be registered at918, 00:00Start,1018, 24:00Membership number is random。

2.New and old members must submit all the data in full。
3.After submission of the completed information,Payment and confirmation at WeChat,And in WeChat payment, you must mention your identity card number, in order to confirm the identity of the payer。
4.Most of the questions are explained in detail below,Please don't ask again and again the questions that have been clearly written in the introduction
5.For questions related, please add WeChat。Because the customer service personnel have their own other job,Association related matters can only be resolved as far as possible,So please respect the hard work of the customer service staff。


In order to successfully join the 2018 members,Please make sure that you have read the following carefully and carefully。If there is any error in submitting data, no prompt will be made and deleted directly,Meanwhile, the membership will be lost in 2018

2018Membership registration has been closed


2018Annual Barcelona China the Great Wall fan association introduction

1. Membership validity
2018January 1st 2012 to December 31, 2018 ended
2. Member application date
2017September 18th 2012 to October 18th ended
3. Membership card post time
The membership card is sent from Barcelona to Beijing, China, by the Barcelona Club,And then from Beijing to the fans all over the country。The club send time is decided by the work schedule of local penya Department,According to previous experience,It is generally sent from February to April in Beijing,By the Beijing in 15 working days, past fans throughout the country hands
4. Annual Membership Fee
0To 6 years old ---> RMB 50 yuan / year
7To 12 years old ---> RMB 100 yuan / year
13Years old ---> RMB 200 yuan / year
5. Registration form
Through Barcelona, China the Great Wall fans Association official registration channel self registration
6. Annual payment method
After the self-help registration is completed,Add customer service WeChat,After the data review,WeChat payment
7. Membership fee application
Barcelona club penya Department card fee,2EUR / card
Membership fee from Barcelona to Beijing
Membership cards are paid by Beijing fans from all over the country
Mailing fees for articles drawn by members of the local Beijing in Barcelona
Prizes from the former lottery winners in Beijing
The association needed publicity banner、Goods、website、Domain name fee
The above payment,Exchange rate charges arising from cross-border payments
All of the remaining funds for an annual membership raffle prizes to buy penya
8. Information for membership submission
Ensure the authenticity and validity of all the information submitted
Membership payments between 0 and 12 years of age,Legal and valid documents must be presented to certify the age
When filling in the ID number,Passport number or ID number can be used
There are plans to apply for membership,Different years,It is recommended to use the same type of identification number
Ensure the accuracy of the telephone number and address,In order to receive the membership card on time next year
The need to modify the address and telephone number,You can contact the customer service before the membership card is sent out in 2018
The success of the payment,Please contact customer service to join the 2018 member WeChat group
9. Barcelona Chinese the Great Wall fan association related websites
Official website:
Official registration channel
Official micro-blog:
Official WeChat public number:Barcabj
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Official service WeChat:

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